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The reason why I started this blog now is that the Codepen blogging tool I had been using to write/publish personal articles is in process of being sunsetted. So I needed a place to post stuff to. Below are links to articles published on Codepen over the last few years:

Exceedingly short note on CSS ::before text content as accessible nameMay 11, 2020
Short note on image of text to text workflow for twitterApril 2, 2020
Short note: ARIA is in HTMLMarch 9, 2020
A decade of heading backwardsFebruary 10, 2020
Short note on When is a table a table?September 30, 2019
Short update on multiple labels for August 22, 2019
Super short note on CSS textJuly 22, 2019
Short note on the disabled/aria-disabled attributesJuly 16, 2019
placeholder – the piss-take labelMay 23, 2019
Short note on the portal elementMay 8, 2019
Short note on fieldset and legend semanticsMay 1, 2019
Tables, Tequila and BeerDecember 28, 2018
Short note on role none or presentation? November 26, 2018

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