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The hidden world of aria-hidden

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Dr Swallow returns, and it is fair to say, despite a dose of bath salts, he is not pleased with aria-hidden

hides in the light

An interesting feature of aria-hidden is that it hides stuff from screen reader users, but its effects are hidden from everyone else. Unless you going looking for it and understand what it does, you will have no idea how powerful it is and what a detrimental effect it can have if used unwisely, without understanding.

This is further complicated by interoperability issues. The effects of aria-hidden are not consistent across browsers and screen readers.

Take the following quote:


<blockquote aria-hidden="true">
Text available to all except screen readers.

So far so good

When the descendants of an element aria-hidden=true are non focusable they are chopped out of the accessibility tree in both Chrome and Firefox.

blockquote is not in the accessibility tree
Firefox accessibility tree does not include the blockquote
blockquote is not in the accessibility tree
Chrome accessibility tree does not include the blockquote

What happens when interactive elements are added to the mix?

Browser bifurcation time

Take the following quote:


<blockquote aria-hidden="true">
<a href="...">
<span lang="fr">Folie à Deux</span></a> 
(The <span tabindex="-1">X-Files</span>)</p>
<input type="image" src="hides.jpg" 
alt="hides in the light" 
<p tabindex="0">
<span lang="fr">Folie à Deux</span>, 
a form of insanity shared by two people. 
It usually begins with one person who 
conceives of a delusional belief and 
then spreads it to another; thus, 
those two share the same delusion.</p>


While Firefox still chops the blockquote and its descendants out of the accessibility tree:

blockquote is not in the accessibility tree
Firefox accessibility tree does not include the blockquote

Chrome exposes interactive elements and elements with a tabindex, which are exposed with states of focusable, invisible, and it appears that Safari on Mac does the same.

<blockquote aria-hidden="true"> <p>
<a href="..."><span lang="fr">Folie à Deux</span></a>
( <span tabindex="-1">X-Files</span> )</p>
<input type="image" src="hides.jpg" alt="hides in the light" 
<p tabindex="0"> <span lang="fr">Folie à Deux</span>, 
a form of insanity shared by two people. It usually 
begins with one person who conceives of a delusional 
belief and then spreads it to another; thus, those 
two share the same delusion.</p>
Chrome does not include the blockquote, but it does include the focusable descendants of the blockquote

Special affects

When interactive elements are descendants of an element with aria-hidden="true" (or have it set on the element itself) in Firefox it’s not included in the accessibility tree, but is still focusable, and not announced by Screen Readers such as NVDA and Narrator in Chrome.  This is why I made up the:

4th Rule of ARIA Use

Do not use role="presentation" or aria-hidden="true" on a focusable element .

Using either of these on a focusable element will result in some users focusing on ‘nothing’.

Applying aria-hidden to a parent/ancestor of a visible interactive element will also result in the interactive element being hidden, so don’t do this either:

bad behaviour

  • Chrome exposes focusable aria-hidden content with focusable, invisible states in the accessibility tree. Firefox does not.
  • The content exposed by Chrome is ignored by NVDA, or Narrator (am guessing it’s because they have the invisible state)
  • JAWS  conveys role, state and property information as per usual.
  • On Mac, VoiceOver with Chrome and Safari, acts similarly to JAWS.
  • On iOS the aria-hidden content is ignored by VoiceOver in both Chrome and Safari.
  • Anecdotal observations:
    • Accessible names are announced incorrectly at times on aria-hidden interactive content.
    • Non-interactive content semantics is still hidden from users.

What can we do?

To avoid exposing content when it is supposed to be hidden from SR users, do not put aria-hidden=true on focusable elements or include focusable elements as descendants of an element with aria-hidden=true, as the results are almost always sub-optimal.

Check your usage of aria-hidden to ensure that you are only hiding content that you want to hide:

Visual Bookmarklet for identifying aria-hidden content

As mentioned in the intro, an issue for developers is that use/misuse of aria-hidden is not surfaced for non screen reader users. To help developers I have put together a bookmarklet to visually indicate content, along with some test cases. Go play yourself

heading and blockquote with text 'Text available to all except screen readers.'
The text in the blockquote is visible for sighted users, but not for screen reader users
aria-hidden content is blacked out with an emoji face sticking its tongue out
With the bookmarklet enabled aria-hidden content is hidden from all users

See the Pen
by steve faulkner (@stevef)
on CodePen.

PS: Don’t get me started on aria-hidden=false

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